And Now, a Little Something Silly

I allowed myself to use most of my child-free time today to paint, so I scattered supplies all around the living room and wrapped up one painting while starting two new ones. I also figured it would be a good time to watch all 208 minutes of The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition, since everyone else in my house either a) hates it or b) is too young to watch it.

When Boromir says “one does not simply walk into Mordor”, I giggle and think of this picture:


A quick search for it on the interwebs revealed several other amusing images…




The end of the movie still makes me rather sad, so this was a nice way to snap out of it cheer myself up. My paintings are all drying with bits of wax paper all over them like some sort of horrible shaving disaster. I hope when I peel them off tomorrow I have a good foundation to work from…I’ll be sure to give you a sneak peek.

Next week: The Two Towers! You’re gonna have to toss me!

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