Pumpkins – Or, You Didn’t Tell Me You Were Going to Kill It!! Awww!

I love looking at intricately carved pumpkins. I don’t really have the patience desire to replicate them, but I do like carving something different. Some years I feel inspired, sometimes I don’t. Usually I just have to carve whatever the kids want! Here is a look back over the past few years. What fun jack ‘o lantern have you created?

pumpkin carving "jack o'lantern"

This year I was tasked with creating Lord Voldemort. I did the best I could! Not sure what is up with his mouth.

pumpkin carving "jack o'lantern"

On the left is my silly pumpkin. On the right is what my daughter requested…a princess! I drew the shapes and my husband carved it, refined it, and put jewels in the crown.

pumpkin carving "jack o'lantern"

Last year I had the requests of Boo and Darth Vader. Thank god for templates!

pumpkin carving "jack o'lantern" "dr horrible"

In 2008 I carved this Dr. Horrible silhouette out of a white pumpkin. This year my son dressed up as Dr. Horrible. That thing has staying power!

pumpkin carving "jack o'lantern"

Harry Pumpkin – aka the gourd who lived.

pumpkin carving "jack o'lantern" "hello kitty"

Hello Kitty!

pumpkin carving "jack o'lantern" "mike wazowski" "monsters inc"

And a few oldies but goodies… Mike Wazowski!

pumpkin carving "jack o'lantern" snoopy


pumpkin carving "jack o'lantern" picasso

…and finally, my husband’s Picasso inspired creation.

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2 Responses

  1. amy says:

    I never do much except the traditional triangle face but this year I did 5 of them. I did 4 that were carved and then the 5th one I painted. Our neighbor did some really cool ones and I felt the need to compete! 🙂 I love your pumpkins and how they turned out. And yes Voldemort would be hard to replicate as a jack o lantern so nice job!

  2. lesley says:

    Thanks! Sometimes I get so caught up in trying something different that I forget how fun traditional pumpkins can be. 🙂

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