Artist Kirsty Hall’s 365 Jars

This is such a neat project! Bristol artist Kirsty Hall is creating 365 art jars. Every day during 2011 she goes for a walk to release one into the wild for people to find and keep.


Jar 37, 365 Jars Project © 2011 Kirsty Hall

Each jar has something different and beautiful inside. Kirsty posts about each one on the 365 jars website, including photos of the jar, a sneak peek of the jar in the wild, as well as when it was released, the general location, and whether or not it is still there.


Jar 18, 365 Jars Project © 2011 Kirsty Hall

Those lucky enough to discover one can log their find at the website written on the lid. Kirsty updates the post with information provided by the finder, like this one by finder Mark.


Jar 1, 365 Jars Project © 2011 Kirsty Hall

I love everything about this project. I’m a fan of art that you stumble upon, art that is playful and put forth into the world in unusual places simply for the sake of joyful discovery. Very inspiring.

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  1. Kirsty Hall says:

    Thanks so much for blogging about the project, Lesley, I really appreciate it.

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