Time For Some Art Assistant Appreciation

Warning! Cat pic!spam ahead.

I’ve introduced you to Sophie in the past. She is my furry assistant, and she really helps me out in a lot of ways.


She started as just a kitten, when she’d take the computer chair hostage to make sure I didn’t waste too much time online.


During the winter she discovered a way to limit my computer time while also staying toasty warm.


Sophie keeps a critical eye on my color mixing.


I’m often subjected to her accusatory glare if I take too long of a break…

paws over easel

…and she hangs around to keep me on task.


She lets me know if the lighting is inadequate for a photo shoot.


Finally, ever the conservationist, Sophie is sure to remind me if I’ve left the light on in the art closet. Thank you Sophie, for everything you do.

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