New Painting: “Night Time (Sends Us On Our Way)” – Gouache on Paper

I found myself drawing a lot of swirly connected lines, and I really liked this shape. I enlarged it on watercolor paper and stared at it for a while before realizing that putting a bird on it was exactly what it needed. It sat finished on my easel for a few weeks because I didn’t have a title. Luckily I decided to listen to an ’80’s New Wave playlist and was inspired.

"night time" "icicle works" "Lesley Atlansky" gouache birds moon ethereal surreal

“Night Time (Sends Us On Our Way)”, 9″x12″ gouache on paper © 2011 Lesley Atlansky

I took a few pictures of it while I was working on it, though I wish I’d taken one before I started painting.




Original on ArtFire, Prints and cards at RedBubble.

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