Walt Disney World Fun – The Animation Academy

My family and I just got back from a week at Walt Disney World in Florida. I grew up 45 minutes away from Disneyland and we went at least once a year until I got old enough to go with friends and could go more often. Despite the heat, crowds, and corporate greed, the place still makes my heart feel super happy.


We had a great time, and as an adult I could really appreciate the theming that Walt worked on. From buildings to trash cans to the costumes, everything fits the theme of the land they are in. There is so much beauty and detail and it makes for a richer experience.


We discovered a cool attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – the Animation Academy. You join about 25 other people in a room that is filled with light tables and stools.  A Disney animator walks you through drawing a rough sketch of a Disney character. The pencils don’t have erasers, so you really have to do as they say and make lightly drawn rough lines until you get the basic shape on the page. At the end you go back and draw over the outlines (but not the guidelines) with more pressure to see the final product. When we did it she didn’t tell us what we were drawing…we had to figure it out as we went along! The whole class takes about 20 minutes. This blog post over at allears.net has great photos of the entire process.

Here is my final drawing of Pluto. If I had a lot of time I’d go back again and again and draw different characters!


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