Holly Senn at 23 Sandy

I visited the 23 Sandy Gallery yesterday to see Holly Senn’s installation Tale. I saw a picture of it on the 23 Sandy website and just had to see it in person.

During the month of September, 23 Sandy Gallery will be transformed into a botanical-inspired forest created from those discarded book materials. Narratives of real or imagined events create living landscapes of time and place. Here, on this tree-lined street, the natural world merges with the intellectual world. The trees’ enlarged seeds invite us to consider how tales unfold, grow, and ultimately alter our thoughts.

Holly has found a beautiful way to incorporate library discards into art – here is another installation she did in 2006 at the Tacoma Community College titled Enchanted Forest of the Mind that is just gorgeous. I enjoyed the subtlety of colors and the way she worked with the various pages of text, drawings, and maps. I also loved the whimsical tree pods scattered around the floor. I think the space at 23 Sandy works well with the installation, as the art forest inside reflects through the large windows with the sprawling trees that line the street.

The installation is only up for one more week; if you are in Portland, go see it!

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