How to Make Time to Paint While Your Kids are on Summer Break

The best way to make time to paint while the kids are on summer break is to have them paint too!


We’ve been running around all week and this morning provided some much needed down time. After cleaning out the arts and crafts black hole cupboard, I realized that the kids had lots of thing to create with, but no paint or paper. A quick trip to the store remedied that situation!


My son has been in a camp all week and my daughter loves to paint, so I suggested we paint together. She made four paintings (and watched a little Looney Tunes) while I worked on my painting at the other end of the couch.


I think when these paints run out (which should be very soon, they go so fast!) I’ll buy a set of cheap student grade watercolors and a tray. I think they’ll last longer and the colors won’t be so weakly tinted (not that the black is weak! dark storm clouds are dark!).


I love the kites! She wants to hang her art in her room. I nearly completed Moon Tree (Summer), so this was pretty much a win overall!

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