The Last Hurrah of Summer – More Mountain Goodness

We went camping up in the Mt. Hood National Forest this weekend. This time I brought enough air mattresses for everyone, so I didn’t have to sleep on the ground.


We camped near Timothy Lake, and had a really great time. The weather was nice and the lake is just beautiful. I can’t believe I managed to catch this sunset!


I mean seriously, just look at these clouds. Wow!





I took a million and one pictures of the lake that all look pretty much alike (water, trees, sky!), so these are a few of the more interesting ones. These ducks were as determined to sit on the log as my kids were to try and pet them.



We went to see Little Crater Lake. Holy cow!! So blue and so clear! I could stand and stare at it all day. We also ran into some old friends we hadn’t seen in years on the trail here, which was super neat. Maybe I have a little of my mom’s ability to run into someone she knows no matter where she is in the world…


And because my vacation photos wouldn’t be complete without my pictures of oddly shaped trees, here is the bottom of the root structure of a tree that tipped over. There were cool giant mushrooms growing on it. We had a great time, and plan on going back next year. On the way up we saw a mountain lion crossing the highway! That was pretty surreal. I heard a great horned owl one night, and there were osprey and little hawks being noisy all day in the trees above us. It was a really great trip.

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