How Does More Free Time = More To Do?

My kids have been back in school a week, and other than one small 45 minute nap I’ve been trying to get a lot done that I put off over summer break. I have so much free time! I should be a super-accomplisher or something. Yet somehow that doesn’t seem to be happening.

Everyday I think, okay, I’ll do this chore and that thing and a bit of exercise, and then I’ll paint this and this and glue that and get a lot done. Then that elusive “something” comes along and ends up swallowing a ton of time, and then suddenly it is time for kids and snacks and homework and dinner and bedtime and Glee DVD marathons…


Harvesting our Willamette hops. Dang, I keep forgetting to go and stir them as they dry!

Our printer, for example, has decided it is no longer speaking to the computer. This happened over a month ago, and they made up for a couple days, and then called it quits for good. I got by with writing down recipes and directions and things. But now I need to update my portfolio and scan things, and I don’t really want to be schlepping back and forth to Kinkos to do it.

My dead printer is a Canon MP600, so you’d think I wouldn’t be looking at another Canon, but I am. I want an all-in-one printer (copy, scan, print) but it has to print out good photos. I’ve spent about 6 hours longer than I anticipated researching these dang things, and finally have it narrowed down to two: The Canon Pixma MG6120 and the Epson Artisan 835. Hopefully we can come to a decision tonight and we can cross this off our to do list.

Okay, printer sorted! Nothing can stop me now! Oh wait, there is the result of that radon test that just showed up in my inbox. Just as we suspected, the levels are too high. I guess we need to find out how to fix that. Hello former day of art, how would you like to be the day of radon research and free estimates?

We are also in the market for a new digital camera. Apparently we are part of some large Canon (Canon again! What am I thinking??!) curse of the E18 error. Essentially the camera stops working when zooming. We lived with it for a while because it would work with fresh batteries and no zooming. Things have gone from bad to worse now, as we get two to ten pictures out of it before it stops working. I’ve been reduced to taking most of my pictures with my iphone 3. Not good. Unfortunately to get a camera that has the bells and whistles that I want is going to cost an arm and a leg.


My picture of the moon on Saturday night, taken with my dying camera.


The moon, as seen on my iphone.

I’ve already got a list for tomorrow, and there is only a little art in there. I may have to be satisfied with only doing a little at a time for a bit. Today I managed to varnish an older painting so I can mount it on a wood panel. I got the bails on the remaining successful five glass pendants I made. I even touched up a painting I thought I’d completed (I had even signed it!).


Detail of Metamorphic, signed, finished, and still being worked on.

On my non-art related to do list:

  • learn to make vegan margarine
  • prepare a ton of lunch things for my kids and freeze them
  • clean the house (not just straighten and vacuum, but, you know, dust and mop too)
  • keep working on the basement so it is habitable
  • declutter the office
  • learn to sew (must do before Halloween, as I’m making my son’s Finn hat)

My art related to do list:

  • prepare for October show
  • get second newsletter out by 9/21 (uh oh)
  • finish pendants and take pictures of them
  • create 11 new paintings by November for that show
  • sign up for my four floats and create painting for December Float On show
  • set myself up on Etsy
  • find more places to show

Wish me luck!

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