QR Codes and Art

I have a show coming up at the Academy Theater in October. I was there last weekend taking measurements of the space when a gentleman asked if I was redecorating. I told him why I was there and we chatted about art and whether people actually buy anything after seeing it in a movie theater lobby. He suggested I use “those funny codes that people can scan”. Neither of us could remember what they were called, but we both have an app for it on our phones.

Intrigued, I got home and looked it up. I won’t go into the details, but a QR (or quick response code) is a kind of 2d matrix code similar to a bar code. If you have a QR reader, you can access the info embedded in it. I used beqrious to generate a QR code for each of my paintings. You can link the code to a number of different things – mine link to the Etsy page that corresponds to the painting.


I thought this might be a great venue to try this concept out. There isn’t really a decent location to put out business cards or a sign-up list for emails. But while people are hanging out waiting for their pizza or their movie or their friends, they might take a look at a painting and scan the code for more info. I guess we’ll see!

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