Two New Original Gouache Paintings – “Harvest Moon” & “Lightning Moon”

You may remember that I did a painting back in January based on Ursula K. LeGuin’s A Wizard of Earthsea titled Full Cold Moon. The name Full Cold Moon is one given to the full moon of December, especially one that falls close to the winter solstice. As I was driving down to my mom’s house in California this summer, listening to Duran Duran, I had the brilliant idea to create 11 more paintings based on the full moon names for the other months of the year. I thought I should do this in time for my show at Oblique Coffee Roasters in November. Sixteen days from now. I may have gotten a little ahead of myself…

I’ve completed two, have two more that are about done but I’m not sure if I like one of them, and two more that are 2/3 complete:

  • January – Quiet Moon – Finished, but I’m not quite happy with it
  • February – Storm Moon – 2/3 complete
  • March – Crow Moon – Finished, but not mounted on a wood cradle yet
  • April – Pink Moon – Not started. Other moon names are Planter’s, flower, seed, and waking.
  • May – Milk Moon – Not started. Other moon names are panther, hare.
  • June – Rose Moon – Not started. Other moon names are green corn, honey, strawberry.
  • July – Hay Moon – Not started. Other moon names are summer, ripe corn, crane, mead.
  • August – Lightning Moon. Done and done!
  • September – Harvest Moon. Also done!
  • October – Blood Moon. Not started. Other moon names are hunter’s, blackberry, harvest.
  • November – Frost Moon. 2/3 complete.

It would appear I have a lot to do in the next two weeks!

Here is August’s moon – the lightning moon.

lightning-moon lightning moon full-moon august landscape abstract

“Lightning Moon” 2011 Lesley Atlansky

And here is September’s moon – the harvest moon.

harvest-moon harvest moon september full-moon lesley-atlansky landscape flower plant basket weave cloud

“Harvest Moon” 2011 Lesley Atlansky

These will be for sale at the show. I’ll put them up on Etsy once it is done.

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