More Glass Tile Pendants – Now in Rectangle!

I loved making the little square glass tile pendants that featured reproductions of my paintings. I had a few paintings I really wanted to turn into necklaces, but they didn’t lend themselves to the square shape. So I made them rectangular!

elemental pendant necklace landscape esty

“Elemental” pendant.

"possessions, fleeting" necklace pendant etsy

“Possessions, Fleeting” pendant.

"moon tree spring" pendant necklace bird etsy

“Moon Tree (Spring)” pendant.

I also found another painting that should have made it into the first round of square pendants. I give you Cerin Amroth. Sweet! (Also available as an ornament!)

"cerin amroth" lotr necklace pendant etsy

“Cerin Amroth” pendant.

All pendants, be they square or rectangle, are available on my Etsy shop for a mere $12 (+shipping). Let me know if there is a painting you’d like to see in jewelry form! Now go forth and purchase, and tell your friends. 🙂

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