Making Progress

My show at Oblique Coffee Roasters will only be up for a couple more weeks. Stop by and enjoy something delicious!

I’ve made headway on a few on my full moon pieces. I’ll be spending the next couple weeks varnishing and gluing them so they are mounted all purty-like on the wood panels.

This is my moon painting for May. It started out as milk moon, and I hated it. Hated it! So I just messed with it over and over, painting on thick layers of fresh paint, dabbing it and smushing it and then tweaking it with wax paper. I really liked it, but how did it fit? I looked again at May names and saw one that hit me: Flower Moon. I thought it looked lovely and painterly and floral. Yes!


Flower Moon close up:


I’ve also completed April: the Seed Moon.



I’ve also finished February’s Storm Moon, inspired by cosmic clouds. To me this photo seems more vivid than the actual painting…


I had feared that I had messed with June’s painting to the point of no return. Today I’ve been slowly getting rid of the layers of paint on the moon (my chief sticking point) and trying to salvage it, because I really like the rest of the piece. This is the painting before I started messing with it again. Hopefully you’ll see the finished product soon!


I’m also working on my piece for Float On. My show is in December, and I’m creating this piece to give to them. I’ll be showing you more of this as it comes along.


So that is where I’m at right now. I was feeling down about the paintings I hadn’t completed, but sometimes you need to put things away and look at them with fresh eyes to start making headway.

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