Do Birds Wibble?

That is what I’m doing right now. Wibbling. I’m stressing out a bit about the Audubon Wild Bird Festival piece I’ve signed up to do.

I was excited at the beginning, excited about the project and the composition of the picture I found. Then I started to think, what exactly was I going to do with this picture of the common murres? I know I could do a darn good job painting a fairly exact replica of the photo. But wait, why would I do that? Isn’t this a chance for me to show how I paint? How I interpret the theme of birds? If people see my nice little representational painting of these birds, aren’t they going to think that is a representation of my painting style?

I need to think this through. Another stumbling block I have is that I’ve never been comfortable working on canvas, usually when I do I’m unhappy with the results. I love the way paint interacts with paper, and when I use canvas I can’t paint how I paint. I thought this Audubon project would be a way to force myself out of my comfort zone (while supporting a great organization), but now I’m starting to second guess myself.

"one for sorrow" acrylic canvas landscape bird tree crow pallete knife

“One For Sorrow” © 2006 Lesley Atlansky

I painted the piece One For Sorrow with acrylic on canvas as an exercise in using a palette knife. I like the way this piece turned out. I know I am capable! I just need to let go of the murres and start drawing so I can come up with a piece that expresses my style of art.

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