Canada’s Group of Seven = Christmas Card Bliss

I have faithfully sent out Christmas / holiday cards for the past 20 years. Despite taking a super cute picture of my children in late November, I just wasn’t feeling the card love and I didn’t send any out in 2011. Yes, I did get flack from my mother. If only she knew how many thank you cards I’ve failed to send in the last 15 years…

So I was out on what would end up being another unsuccessful trip to find my Father-in-law a People’s Republic of Portland shirt, when I stumbled across these Group of Seven cards at, of all places, the record store Music Millennium. I nearly fainted with joy.


I’ve blogged about the Group of Seven (a group of early 20th century Canadian artists) a couple times already…needless to say I’m a huge fan.


In the upper left – Houses, St. Urbain, c. 1934, A.Y. Jackson

Upper right – Winter Hillside, c. 1918, Franklin Carmichael

Lower left – Mount Robson, c. 1929, Lawren S. Harris

Lower right – Wood Interior, Winter, 1916, Tom Thomson

My problem will be winnowing down my card recipient list to 16 so I can keep four of the cards for myself!

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