Land Art – Earth as Canvas




I saw these great pictures of Walter Mason’s land art a few weeks ago on the Kuriositas blog. I’d never heard the term “land art”, but once I looked into it more I realized it was something I was already quite interested in, I just didn’t have the words for it!

You can see more of Mason’s land art that he has created through the seasons on his flickr set. So beautiful! It really seems like to create it you often need to think of how the sunlight catches the piece, not just how it fits together.

Today I watched the documentary on artist Andy Goldsworthy called Rivers and Tides. What stunning and inspirational work! He goes out in nature and uses it to create amazing, ephemeral pieces of art.




He works with anything he can find – rocks, ice, plants, feathers. Even wool (frozen or not)!


What I loved about the documentary was it showed how much of his work is so fragile, and is only meant to last as long as it can hold together in a river, or until the tide comes in. His carefully stacked rocks or balanced twigs often crumble at the touch, and it often takes many attempts to see the project to its completion.

I can’t wait to take my kids outside, to the park or the beach or the river, and see what kind of patterns and colors can inspire us to create our own piece of land art. I just put a dozen land art related books on hold at the library for inspiration!

What is your favorite piece of land art?

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