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I was so excited to see this posted on Portland Art Collective’s blog -Strathmore brand art supplies has a series of free onlines classes and workshops. I’ve been wanting to take a class or workshop or something, and I’ve been having trouble deciding what would be useful for me. I don’t want to fork over a ton of money for a class and supplies in a medium I don’t work in (despite the fact that that would be super fun!).

I registered at strathmore’s site, and a couple classes caught my eye. I jumped right in to the current class – Doodles Unleashed with Traci Bautista. Even though the class started on January 1, the instruction videos, supply list, and downloadable instructions are still there. You can work at your own pace! You can share your creations on your own profile page, discuss the class with the other participants, follow Traci’s classroom blog, and post and view class work at the group’s flickr page.

I watched the two videos with lesson one and I have my fingers crossed tightly in hopes that both of my kids are well enough to go to school tomorrow so I can tackle this! Traci used all sorts of cool random things (stencils, rubber bands, paint in spray bottles and paint on a brush, india ink, markers, even White Out!) to layer and create a really wonderful piece of art.

I don’t have everything on the supply list, but she encourages you to use what you have. I’m sure I can find enough stuff in this mess of an art closet to create something!


I also registered for Cathy Johnson’s Watercolor Sketching class, which starts March 1. “Learn how to sketch from life using watercolor, pen and ink and more. Cathy Johnson will share numerous tricks and techniques, covering topics such as ink and watercolor, watercolor pencil, gouache and other mixed media. Learn how to start a sketch with pencil guidelines or jump right in with watercolors. Add interest and meaning to pages using a few select collage elements. Put all of these techniques to work in your nature, travel, urban or journal sketching adventures.” Sounds fun!

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  1. Jen says:

    Wow cool! Kel would probably dig that too-keep us posted how it is.

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