World Map Murals Around the World

I love this! I read about the World Map Mural project on Ken Jennings’ blog. He linked to a great blog post by a returned Peace Corps volunteer that shows her world map mural creation. I won’t re-create it here, but I will give you a bit of the history:

All over the world, Peace Corps volunteers have painted thousands of world map murals in schools, parks, city buildings, community centers, sports centers, health centers and hospitals. The first world map was done by a Peace Corps volunteer named Barbara in the Dominican Republic in 1989. Since then, a “world map kit” has been created and distributed to all Peace Corps countries with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to create this beautiful and educational mural. You can read about the project here.


The murals last longer than paper maps and are accessible to people outside of the classroom. Plus they are beautiful! You can donate to help support mural creations going on right now!

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