New Direction, New Work in Progress

atlansky WIP

New work in progress, with some wax paper doing its magic.

I’ve finally completed the last painting in my Full Moon Series! I’ll post it here once I get it mounted and varnished. As my newsletter readers know, I’ve been sketching and coming up with some new ideas in a new direction. I’ll just quote myself, as it took me forever to come up with the words to describe my new series:

These new pieces will begin to explore a world crumbling away. Each painting focuses on a child interacting with this environment, seeking ways to connect and play and explore, a discovery of what was and what is to be. The image above is my first piece, where stones on a fragment of land become a means to create and build. I rarely incorporate figures into my paintings, so this is a huge and slightly terrifying leap for me. That is probably why the figure is the last thing unpainted! I have a lot of ideas for this series though, so I need to push through and get them down on paper.

atlansky wip

Here my mystery kid (I want the sex to be nondescript) is building a stoneman (you know, like a snowman, but stones). You work with what you have…

atlansky wip stone

I’ve been avoiding the kid and the rocks for a couple of weeks now. Stupid stuff, like I think “I should paint. But first, I should make bread from scratch!”. Today I bit the bullet on the stones. I think I should practice painting the kid on another piece of paper to get a feel for what I want him/her/it to look like. I like how I painted the figure in Messengers…I’m hoping to get that sort of look and feel again.

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