Jeannie Paske’s Obsolete World

My husband left Jeannie Paske’s art website Obsolete World up on the computer for me, assuming I would enjoy her work. Smart man, that husband, as I completely fell in love with her paintings.

and only for one place jeannie paske art obsolete world

‘And Only For One Place’ Jeannie Paske © All rights Reserved.

Her art is whimsical and Seussian and melancholy all at once. I get that same sort of achy disconnect (in a good way!) looking at her paintings as I get from a book that has touched me so deeply that I can’t move on to a new book until I’m done wallowing in the beauty of the one I just finished.

a gentle notion jeannie paske obsolete world

‘A Gentle Notion’ Jeannie Paske © All rights Reserved.

I love this painting, A Gentle Notion. For some reason when I first saw it the creatures reminded me of the Mulefa from Philip Pullman’s book The Amber Spyglass (though I do realize that they don’t look like the Mulefa as they are described in the book). Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy (and especially The Amber Spyglass) gave me That Feeling, as does this painting, and I think the idea of obsolete worlds and worlds just a knife cut away from ours is a really beautiful and lonely notion.

I was thrilled to see that she has prints and originals available on her web store and prints available on Etsy, and I spent a long time communing with each image until I could finally settle on a few (and not all of them) to add to my wishlist.

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