Music is My Muse – Song Lyrics and Painting Titles

I have forever found joy and inspiration in music. Sometimes I’ll hear a song for the first time and be struck with an idea. Sometimes I’ll listen to a song for the fiftieth time and hear something new. I often end up using lyrics as the titles for my paintings.


A painting I recently finished. I jotted down lyrics in the upper right corner as I listened to music and painted. I ended up calling it "I'll Hold You Close Under These Skies", lyrics from the Rural Alberta Advantage song Barne's Yard.

I’ve collected all the paintings named after song lyrics here to share with you what inspires me. I’d love to hear what music acts as your muse – do you work to music? Paint what you hear? Use the poetry of lyrics as a jumping off point to something else?

Inspiration: California Zephyr by Jay Farrar & Ben Gibbard

Paintings: Easy and Dreamlike, Transcontinental
– – – – –

Inspiration: Washing of the Water by Peter Gabriel

Painting: Loneliness I Hide
– – – – –

Inspiration: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel

Paintings: Lights in the Clouds, Hold It Close
– – – – –

Inspiration: Two Headed Boy by Neutral Milk Hotel

Painting: I Am Listening To Hear Where You Are
– – – – –

Inspiration: Ghost by Neutral Milk Hotel

Painting: Feel As You Fly, Pouring From the Sky
– – – – –

Inspiration: The King of Carrot Flowers Part 1 by Neutral Milk Hotel

Painting: And From Above You

– – – – –

Inspiration: Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream) by Icicle Works

Painting: Night Time (Sends Us On Our Way)

– – – – –

Inspiration: Holy Lamb (Song for Harmonic Convergence) by Yes

Painting: All the Magic of the Earth and the Skies
– – – – –

Inspiration: Pippin’s Song/Edge of Night from The Lord of the Rings, Return of the King

Painting: Edge of Night
– – – – –

Inspiration: Aliens (Christmas 1988) by Rheostatics

Painting: Shines Like Silver, Like Petals on the Earth
– – – – –

Inspiration: King of the Past by Rheostatics

Painting: Borders

– – – – –

Inspiration: California Dreamline by Rheostatics

Painting: It’s Quiet Underwater
– – – – –

Inspiration: Blind by Placebo

Painting: Possessions, Fleeting

– – – – –

Inspiration: Starlight by Muse

Painting: Chasing the Starlight

– – – – –

Inspiration: Firefly Theme from the television show Firefly

Painting: You Can’t Take the Sky From Me

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