My New Favorite Thing: Finding the Source of a Picture with Google Image Search

I am on pinterest a lot, and one thing that drives me crazy is clicking on an image to find out more about it, only to run into a dead end. Oftentimes the link just leads to the main page of a tumblr blog with no easy way to find the actual image. Sometimes it just goes to the jpg itself with no source information.

This drives me nuts! I want to know who the artist or photographer is so I can see what else they do and give them credit if I pin their image.

I recently discovered a way to search for the source of an image: Google Image Search.

Here is an example. I saw this Iron Man Arc Reactor necklace on pinterest.


When I clicked on the post to find out more info, the link just went here… a dead end.

Google image search to the rescue! I right clicked on the picture of the necklace and selected “copy image location”. Then I went to Google Images and clicked on the little camera icon in the search bar.


From there it is time to paste the copied image location in the search bar and cross your fingers! Luckily with this image one of the first results led back to the sourcehelloskywalker’s Etsy page.

It isn’t always that easy. Sometimes the result is buried four pages down. Sometimes your results will be a bunch of tumblr and pinterest pages, but if you have some time you can check those results and see if any link back to the image’s original location. I’d say I’ve found the source of an image about 80% of the time.

Hope that helps anyone that may be trying to track down the origin of a image! I think it is a pretty nifty trick.

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this helpful tip, Les!

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