New Work in Progress!

So I was listening to music, the same song for the millionth time (Oh Comely by Neutral Milk Hotel – I know, color you shocked), and I heard the line “we will fold and freeze together“. It brought to my mind folded rocks, anticlines and synclines, and I soon began filling up my pinterest boards with geologic wonders.


I sketched it out, doing more careful penciling than I’ve done in a while. Then I went over the pencil lines with masking fluid.


Sorry, the lighting is a little weird. I used my phone because I was too lazy to walk twenty feet to get my real camera. The light outside the windows kept changing…

Anyway, I wet the entire paper and then went in and painted the cracks and crevices between the masking fluid with paint.


Here is a close up.


I covered the whole thing with wax paper to dry.


I’ll poke at it some more tomorrow.

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