Keep Moving – a Painting for February’s Tale

Last week I submitted a painting for Neil Gaiman’s Keep Moving project called A Calendar of Tales. He asked a question for each month of the year and received prompts and ideas from folks on twitter. He sat down and wrote a short story based on one of the tweets.

After the stories were written they solicited art and videos for each of the tales. I read the stories and felt connected to February’s tale.

Inspiration for the February Tale

@neilhimself asked:
“What’s the strangest thing that ever happened to you in February?”

@TheAstralGypsy replied:

“Met a girl on beach, searching for her grandma’s pendant, lost 50 years ago. I had it, found previous Feb.”

I was particularly inspired by the last line of the story – “Only when my great-niece was gone and I was alone, did I swim upward, letting the pendant pull me home, up into the vastness above us, where we wander with the lonely sky-whales and the skies and seas are one.


So here is my painting, titled The Earth Looks Better From a Star. If Neil selects it as a piece to go along with the story, it will be featured in a digital showcase. Either way, it was amazing to participate.

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  1. Barbara Bartel says:

    O.M.G. This is so cool. Love the piece!

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