My Afternoon Painting at Muse

The good folks at Muse Art + Design did their own post on my time painting at their store for An Artist a Day, but I wanted to share my photos as well.


I was nervous to get started, and there was a small group of people right away ready to watch us work. No pressure!


Finally got some pencil down on the paper…


And the masking fluid, which I applied with a bamboo skewer.



Then I had to let that dry. Watching paint dry! Normally I don’t have to ┬áthat, I paint while I watch a movie or tv or I work on more than one thing at once. I had no distractions here, other than the parade of interesting people walking down Hawthorne.

Finally, I took the plunge and started putting paint on paper.



Keen eyes may notice that this is not like the practice painting I posted the other day. I didn’t like how it was looking, so I scrapped it in favor of something new.

I got into the painting groove, and after a short break to grab some bubble tea, I peeled off the masking fluid.


After poking it with paint some more to get the balance right, I was done! Here is a detail shot, followed by the whole final piece.



You can go see it, as well as all other pieces painted each day in April, at Muse. The art is being auctioned off as a benefit for Schoolhouse Supplies. Silent bidding for each piece starts at $75, and increases in minimum increments of $10. You can place bids by going in or calling Muse Art + Design (503-231-8704).

Hope to see you at the reception and auction party on Wednesday May 22nd, from 6:30-9:30pm at Muse (4220 SE Hawthorne)!

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