Where to Find Lesley Atlansky Art Online

I thought I’d make a little reminder post about all the places my art can be found online. I know, I know, there are links all over the place. But sometimes having it broken down in a straightforward way is nice, you know? Maybe I’m on your favorite social media platform and you didn’t even know it!


  • My Website. This is the cornerstone of my chunk of internet real estate. An easy way to see all my paintings, read more about me, and find out about past and upcoming shows.
  • My Blog. Well that is where you are right now. But if you want to keep up with Lesley Atlansky Art, you can add the rss feed to your reader. This is where I do most of my talking!
  • My Facebook Fan Page. If Facebook is your method of keeping track of all your favorite things, then add my page to your list! I link all my blog posts to it, as well as posting stuff I like. I don’t post all the time, so I won’t be spamming your timeline.
  • My Art Newsletter. I send out a monthly newsletter (except when I don’t, it’s…a work in progress). If keeping up on social media isn’t for you, this short and sweet little newsletter will find its way into your inbox and dare I say, into your heart. At the very least, it can give you the highlights of what I’m working on and where to see my work around town. Here is a sample of a previous newsletter, if you want to try before you sign up.
  • Twitter. Ah, twitter. I use twitter a lot. A LOT. But it is about 10% art related, 70% nerd related, and (*counting on fingers*) 20% other stuff. So fair warning!
  • Pinterest. I love Pinterest. I have boards for my work, including a work in progress board. But I mostly use it to keep track of inspirational images. And nerd stuff.


So that is all the interactive stuff. Here is where you can buy my art online:

  • My Etsy Shop. You can find me on Etsy at LesleyAtlanskyArt. You can find my paintings for sale on here, as well as glass pendants with reproductions of my art on them. Etsy has been a really easy way to sell art across the world! I still find it incredible that people that aren’t related to me have purchased my paintings for their homes.
  • My RedBubble Shop. This is where you can buy prints of my paintings. You guys, RedBubble prints are beautiful! I did a test not too long ago and got a print of Harvest Moon from several different print shops. The print from RedBubble was head and shoulders above the rest. Most of my paintings are available as prints here, and you can get anything from a tiny card to a large, ready to frame piece. They also sell iPhone cases, and I have a few available with my images on them.
  • Lulu. Lulu is where I sell my Full Moon Series Calendar. Now updated for 2014!

So there you have it. I also have a rarely used Google+, a deviantart page and portfolio for comic coloring work, and a tumblr full of comic stuff. Drop me a comment if you want to follow me down that crazy path.

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