New! Original Gouache Painting “The Stars We Are”

The Stars We Are, detail.

The Stars We Are, detail.

I finished a painting! My first for 2014, though I started it quite a while ago.

Here is the piece in its entirety:

The Stars We Are, 11x14 gouache on paper, 2014.

The Stars We Are, 11x14 gouache on paper, 2014.

I started out painting several layers and shades of orange. After that was good and dry, I added masking fluid in the dot pattern on top of the orange paint. I then cautiously laid the grays and blues on top until I was satisfied, then peeled off the masking fluid to reveal the orange underneath.

I assumed I’d be working on it more after I did that, but I looked at it and thought, nope, this is exactly what I want. Then the name came to me in the form of a song, and that was that.  I’d love to do one with the colors reversed, dark grey circles on a vivid orange plain.

The original is available on Etsy!

Prints and things can be found on RedBubble and Society6.

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  1. This painting is very enchanting and magical. Beautiful work.

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