75 Ways To Draw More

I’ve always been quite terrible at keeping a sketchbook. I’m not sure why. I know I think about it a lot, and around the time that people start talking about New Year’s Resolutions I consider getting a clean, virgin sketchpad to start the new year out right. “I’ll draw every day!”, I think to myself. Hasn’t happened yet.

I found Michal Nobbs75 Ways to Draw More and immediately printed it out (you know, rather than do some sketching). I taped it up to the inner door panel of my art closet next to various other bits of inspiration and information. Unfortunately I was too technologically challenged to assemble the very cool 75 Ways to Draw More Booklet, available on Flickr. Maybe I’ll devote some time to sketch and draw some things from the list and post them to the 75 Ways Flickr pool as a jumping off point and really get into a groove of drawing more often. I’ve already got numbers one and two down (Carry a small sketchbook everywhere and Keep a favourite pen in your bag), now on to number three…and beyond!

75 ways to draw more inspiration painting art

Perhaps this would be more useful to me if it wasn’t taped up inside of a closet.

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