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You guys know I love maps. This brief article from Paste Magazine features several artists that use cartography in their work. Some of them really struck a chord with me, and I wanted to share them with you!

Nancy McCabe from Design Ahoy creates typographical maps. I especially love the one that used letterpress! I just want to run my fingers over it.

nancy design ahoy letterpress

Jason Laferrera uses maps to create collages. This California Grizzly made with historical California maps is my favorite.

laferrera grizzly

Ewan David Eason distills maps down to sacred shapes of gold with his Mappa Mundi series. Here is the black and gold version of Los Angeles.


My favorite though, is Shannon Rankin. She uses maps in amazing and intricate ways to create really moving pieces.


This piece is called Pollinate, created with cut map on paper. Here is a close up:

pollinate close up


Go scroll through her portfolio and look at all the beautiful mappy goodness!









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  1. Thanks for showing it. All are very different and creative ways of using maps. Fascinating art.

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