Something Beautiful – YangYang Pan’s Colorful Abstracts

abstract landscape 8

Abstract Landscape No. 8, Copyright © 2015. YangYang Pan

I saw this gorgeous painting on twitter the other day, retweeted from an account called A Painting Daily. “Neat!”, I thought. Turns out they only tweeted 35 times, the last one being in April of 2014. Oh well. At least I discovered this great artist!

YangYang Pan creates beautiful, abstract pieces. I particularly like the abstract landscapes, where the above painting is from. The use of white space and vibrant colors is really striking.

abstract landscape no. 40 oil on canvas

Abstract Landscape No. 40, Copyright © YangYang Pan

Man, I would love to see these beauties in person.


Autumn, Copyright © YangYang Pan

Prints are available on her Etsy shop! That is very exciting. I’ll be adding a few to my wishlist! And following her Pinterest boards. And liking her Facebook page



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