Something Beautiful – Erin Hanson’s Luscious Landscapes

I saw artist Erin Hanson’s beautiful, vibrant, chunky landscape paintings, and was immediately reminded of The Group of Seven.



“Canyon Wash” –

Seems I’m not the first to have come to that conclusion.

So, if the Group of Seven came to California, one could imagine much much of what Hanson has brought to life, vibrant paintings that show the joy natural landscapes can impart. We hope that, when you see the art created by Erin Hanson, you feel the fierce love she has for her home state – and you sense wisps of inspiration from those impressionistic painters of the past.


“Clouds of Paso” –

I love the thick, impressionistic painting style. Her textures and brush strokes are wonderful.


“Date Palms” –


“Joshua Dawn II” –

Makes me wish I knew how to paint with oils…



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