Something Beautiful – Matt Molloy’s Amazing Photography

Matt Molloy‘s unique method of time lapse photography makes the coolest photos!

perpendicular lines matt molloy

You can see his photos on his flickr page. This image is called Perpendicular lines, and he says it was created by making “a time stack” made from 191 images. He works in Photoshop, using opacity and other tools to blend hundreds of images into a final piece.

crystallized clouds matt molloy
I just love the clouds and the color palette on this one!

land of the giant lollipops matt molloy

This one is called Land of the Giant Lollipops.
sky lines matt molloy

And I just love the blending of daylight and night sky in this image. Really neat stuff! I encourage you to visit his flickr site, or follow him on Facebook.

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  1. Liz Ruest says:

    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

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