Comare Update!

We are a week and change into our Kickstarter campaign for the comic Comare, and I thought I’d give a little update. If you’ve backed the project, thank you! If not, maybe this will help give you that extra push. ūüôā ¬†But first, a quick reminder of what Comare is all about:

Comare Issue One: The Other Woman project video thumbnail

Comare is a story about lust, betrayal, desperation, and obsession set against the backdrop of old Hollywood.

This fully colored twenty page comic book is the beginning of a six issue mini-series that harkens back to the dramatic romance comics that dominated sales alongside superhero books throughout the 1940’s and 50’s.

Co-created by illustrator Ashley St. Lawrence and writer Mario Candelaria, this series features color artist Lesley Atlansky, Zakk Saam on lettering duty, and covers illustrated by Victor Santos (Pulp Covers) and Jim Towe (Widescreen Romance Covers).

Mario, Ashley and I did a couple of interviews. The first is here, at On Wednesdays Wear Capes. I talk a bit about growing up in L.A. and how that colors (ha!) my work on the project.

The second interview was over at Geeked Out Nation, where I learned the art of not answering similar questions with the same answers. Fun stuff! Jess is super cool, and I appreciate the publicity for our book.

Mario was interviewed by Geekadelphia. Its a good read that really gives you some insight into his writing process.

If you’re interested, please check those out, and if you are really REALLY interested, please consider backing our project. There are some really cool, thematic¬†rewards! We are over the halfway hump, and any help getting us over the finish line would be greatly appreciated.

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