New Painting! – Original Gouache Painting “Far Apart Under the Same Sky”

I have been staring at this painting for way too long! I’ve had it taped up on the wall, pulling it down every once in a while to tweak a row of mountains before putting it back up to gaze at some more. After two months of this the tape finally gave up the ghost, so I figured it was high time I finished the sucker. I just needed to remove the masking fluid, where I’d marked out the stars and the cabin, and add a bit of orange glow.

far apart under the same sky

“Far Apart Under the Same Sky”, 11″x14″ gouache on paper, 2015.

I was, as always, inspired by music. The title is from the Rural Alberta Advantage song North Star, though the painting itself came to me after listening to their song Scared. Weird how you can listen to a song a few dozen times without really paying attention, and then suddenly you hear it again and get something completely different out of it.

The original painting can be had here at my Etsy shop.

Prints and an ever increasing amount of “odd things you can get a picture on”┬ácan be found at both my RedBubble and my Society6 shop.

Thanks for checking out my art, I’d love to hear what you think!

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