Something Beautiful – Mikko Lagerstedt’s Ethereal Photography

I saw Mikko Lagerstedt’s photos on tumblr and I was immediately sucked in by their beauty.


“Movement” – ©Mikko Lagerstedt


“Night Glow” – © Mikko Lagerstedt

Here is what Mikko has to say about his work:

My name is Mikko Lagerstedt; I’m a self-taught fine art photographer from Finland. I love to capture night, and atmospheric photography and I enjoy capturing simplistic landscapes.

My very first inspiration towards photography came to me when I was driving on a summer’s eve to my relative’s cabin. After a rainy day, the sun started shining, and the fog was rising in the fields. I just had to stop and watch this beautiful moment and then I realized that I want to start capturing these kinds of moments.

My photography journey first started in December 2008 and from the first moments; I fell in love with it. I like to create visually, and emotionally captivating pictures and my goal is to capture the feeling I had when I took the photograph.


“Dream Night” – © Mikko Lagerstedt

His photos are still and quiet while also bringing out some deep connections with the subject…. they really resonate with me. And then I saw this piece:


“Dream” – © Mikko Lagerstedt

The title of this piece is Dream, and I was immediately struck by its similarities to my painting Messenger, which was based on a dream that I had.



So that was weird.

Anyway, if you like what you see, Mikko has a ton more on his website, as well as a lot of photography tutorials!

purple haze

“Purple Haze” – © Mikko Lagerstadt

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