New Painting! “Sparks That Ring” – Original 9×12 Gouache Painting

sparks that ring

Only a couple months left in the year and I’m finally getting some paintings done!

I really like how this piece turned out. I have to say, coloring comics has made me less afraid to draw and paint people!


I used masking fluid to create the sparks or stars or whatever you wish the dots to be, and used it to block out the figure and the general shape of the cliff.


I had to be really, really patient with this painting, in order to get the effect I was looking for. I would lay down a color between two rows of dots, and then I’d have to wait for it to fully dry before laying down an adjacent or overlapping layer. Normally I use wax paper on the wet paint to create patterns and marks, but I didn’t want that this time. Instead I tried to let the water flow and leave its mark on the page. I think you can kind of see it here in this close up…

sparks that ring detail


Like I said, I’m really happy with this one, it came out exactly as I was hoping!┬áIf you like it too, you can find the original on my Etsy shop.

If prints and things are more your speed, you can find them on both my RedBubble and my Society6 shops. There’s something for everyone!








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