2016 Calendars Are Available!

Hey folks! I’ve got a couple online shops where you can buy calendars featuring my artwork!

First up, you can go to Lulu.com and get a 2016 calendar showcasing my Full Moon Series of paintings. And lucky for you, Lulu.com is have a two day only sale where you can save 20% on your order! Use the promo code OCTFLASH20 (the coupon is case sensitive). Offer expires October 21st, 2015!!

Caf,294x416,2016,tgvzbgv5ief0bgfuc2t5iefydhdvcms%3d.2  Caf,294x416,2016,vghliez1bgwgtw9vbibtzxjpzxmgynkgtgvzbgv5ief0bgfuc2t5.2

Calendars are also always available at RedBubble (see example images above). You can get the Full Moon series there too! Plus, I’ve got a calendar that simply features my paintings, both new and old.


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