Working Hard!

I’ve got what feels like a billion little projects going, and I thought I’d share some of what I’ve got going on!

I’ve been working on these 4×6 paintings, getting ready to mount them on wood panels. I’ve got about 8 or so nearly finished now, they just need some protective varnish to seal them. They take a while to get done because I don’t have the best system for keeping them weighed down and flat while the glue dries, so I can only do a couple at a time.


I recently did a short Periscope showing these off and talking about my process. I tried to keep it loose but as I saw more people join the stream, I got super nervous and tongue-tied! If you’d like to follow along (if I get brave enough to do it again), you can find me at @latlansky.


I also drew up a couple ideas I sketched out recently. If this one comes out how I imagine, this girl will be painting the stars.


I got this far, then I had to let it dry for a while.


I also had an idea to do a little triptych with the 4×6 blocks.


Again, laid on a fair amount of paint and had to let it dry. We’ll see how this goes, it is sort of a half formed idea and sometimes I can execute those and sometimes I can’t!


I will hopefully be wrapping up those blocks in the next couple of days. Then you’ll be able to find them on my Etsy page for $30 each!

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