Finally Pushing Paint Around Again!

And man, does it feel good. And weird.

I had foot surgery mid-December 2015, and ended up being on crutches until just a couple weeks ago. I had a lot of down time, but I could barely carry a piece of paper let alone art supplies while I had the crutches, so painting had to be set aside for a while. Luckily most of my time was filled with holiday festivities and comic coloring. Thankfully I can sit on the couch and use our Microsoft Surface to work!

Now I’m not only off crutches, but I’m also able to take off the walking cast and hobble around for a few hours a day. Today, I pulled out the paints!
















I had sketched this little shape, sort of a half dahlia bud, half space jellyfish, while laid up on the couch. I want to paint it in shades of red against a blue background, and I’m going to try my best to let the white of the paper do its job. I have a tendency to not know when to leave well enough alone.


I used masking fluid the help me not go over the edges of the shapes.


And here is a couple layers of just some straight up indigo. I now have to be super patient and let the paint get completely dry before I peel off the masking fluid. That’s why I’m in here writing this post! (See; tendency to not know when to leave well enough alone)


I’ve been working on this one too. I started this a while ago, and I honestly have no idea what my plan was. I’m wondering if I had one? I remember thinking I wanted the blue (shocking, I know) and the hot pink gap in the center, and a path-like shape, but what color for the path? What was I doing with the burst of white in the back? We’ll see, I guess. Sometimes I get to this point in a painting and then stall, because I like what I have done so far and don’t want to screw it up. No Control-Z with this!

Now that I’m mobile and back in the swing of things, I should have more frequent updates!

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  1. May 25, 2016

    […] Okay, enough melancholy. Here are a couple WIP photos. The paint is so much darker when it is wet! It is really striking with these particular reds and blues. You can see my earlier post from when I started this painting here. […]

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