New 8×10 Painting – “The Sound of Rushing Water in the Dark”

I’ve been pretty busy with comics work lately, but I squeezed in some painting time today and wrapped up this piece I started earlier this year.


The Sound of Rushing Water In The Dark – 8″x10″ gouache on paper

The title is a line from The Tragically Hip’s song Inch An Hour. I have been re-visiting their catalogue these past couple of days, after hearing the news about lead singer Gord Downie. His words are smart and poetic and … lyrical. (This is why I paint, instead of write). They are clever and nuanced and meaningful and weird and funny. I can’t believe I haven’t stolen used a line from a Hip song as a title for a piece yet. This rectifies that. I worked on three other paintings today, so I’ll be mining his words for meaningful pairings again soon.

No dress rehearsal, this is our life.


Okay, enough melancholy. Here are a couple WIP photos. The paint is so much darker when it is wet! It is really striking with these particular reds and blues. You can see my earlier post from when I started this painting here.

IMG_4834 1

IMG_6014 1

The original is available on Etsy! Of course. Hey, I’m running a sale, so if you are reading this before 5/31/16, use the code SPRINGSALE and get 20% off.

You can get prints and things at RedBubble and Society6. Go forth, and purchase!








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