Neighborhood Delights


I love my neighborhood. When we were looking to buy a house, we were hoping to be within walking distance of a good coffee hangout, a decent pub, or maybe even a fun restaurant. We didn’t get that, which at times is disappointing. The trade-off is living a five minute walk away from an Asian grocery we shop at once or twice a week, and an auto mechanic that is just a few blocks down the road. We also get a quiet neighborhood that only fills up with outside visitors when teachers have a meeting at the tiny old school building down the street, or families come to the park for sports. As fun as it would be to live right off Hawthorne, I imagine the parking and traffic is a nightmare.

Anyway, I decided to take some pictures of the beautiful sights right now in the neighborhood, as Spring is in full glory.

1IMG_6109 1IMG_6110 1IMG_6111

I love the odd shapes in nature. My daughter is really into the coloring book craze right now, and she is always asking me about leaf colors. Can leaves be blue? Brown? Black? Purple? When we walk to and from the school bus I like to point out all the oddities plants can bring as far as color and shape.

1IMG_6115 IMG_6092

2 IMG_6122

2 IMG_6121

It would be wrong not to include some cloud pictures. Seriously, the clouds here are the best. (you can find more on my Clouds of Portland blog!)

cloud y IMG_6284

We also have raccoons.

1 raccoon

And tons of crows. My neighbor has started to toss these guys some peanuts, and now they follow her when she takes a walk.


There are crows nesting in the fir tree that hangs over my backyard. I kept hearing them going nuts, and I went out to check to see if the raccoons were hassling them. I found this one hanging out on the branch, cawing and chattering.


It eventually flew to my roof and hopped to the edge to wait for this one to show up.


Turns out all the noise is because this guy is just a big whiny hungry baby, literally.


I love that they can be as big as the parents, and can fly enough to get from the tree to the house, but still need to be fed like this.



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