Something Beautiful – Valerie Winterholler

I saw a couple of Valerie Winterholler’s paintings recently at the High Desert Museum near Bend, Oregon. Her art was part of the Art of the West exhibit. There were quite a few stunning pieces in the show, but her paintings really jumped out at me.


“Offering” © Valerie Winterhoffer

There is just something really wonderful about these abstract landscapes. You get a sense of place, you get the weight of the land, yet you also get the feeling that there is something more surrounding us.

sisterhood 2

“Sisterhood 2” © Valerie Winterhoffer

These spaces are calm and open, but still hold mystery and wonder. I really love them.

VH perceptions 24x36inch

“Perceptions” © Valerie Winterhoffer

Valerie says on her website:

I strive to create imagery that will invite people to take a deep breath, drop their shoulders and let down their guard.

For me, looking at these paintings, she has succeeded.

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