New Show at Cup and Saucer for April!

I’m embarrassed about how long I’ve let this blog lapse. I had to hunt around for a while to figure out how to log in!

I do have things in the pipeline that I’d love to share, so I would really like to get back in the groove with this.

Anyway, I’m blogging today to share the news that I have a show up for the month of April! I’m showing at the SE Hawthorne location of Cup & Saucer.


They have a nice long wall along one side of the restaurant, and I decided to try to line up my paintings so the ones with the most white space were towards the back where the room is less well lit. This is the first time I’ve gone in to hang a show without a game plan. Something just felt better about winging it… I likened it to when Harry Potter drank the felix felicis potion. #nerd

IMG_9312 1

I haven’t finished many paintings recently, with all the comic work, but I did get some new pieces framed and in the show.


I was going to put the newest pieces in the most prominent spots, like the front window, but I really liked how these four older paintings looked together so I put them there instead. If you walk by, you can get a good look at them!


If you are in the area, please stop in a take a look! Paintings look really different in person all dressed up in frames than they do on a screen. And if anything catches your eye, well, everything is for sale!

The show will be up until May 2nd.

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