Artfire – Now With More Paintings!

ArtFire just announced that “unlimited listing and selling is completely free for all members of ArtFire.” The ArtFire basic account had all the things I needed, but it only allowed you to list twelve items. With this change I’m able to offer more of my original paintings for sale. Excellent!

I’ve added eleven paintings to my ArtFire Studio: Borders, It’s Quiet Underwater, Bumper Crop, Moon Tree (Winter), Moon Tree (Spring), and six that I created during Art Every Day Month.

I’ve also done some reconfiguring with my pricing. I know that setting prices is a struggle for many artists. I had set my original prices based on the size of the piece, but when I uploaded the small 4×6 paintings from AEDM my pricing for them seemed a bit steep when I followed my current sizing model. I did some soul searching and tried to figure out what I was looking for right now by pricing my work at its current state. There is that fine line between too low (amateur!) and too high (pretentious!). So I messed around with my size/pricing model and came up with something I was happy with. All prices on my original paintings are now lower – some by a little, some by a lot.  We’ll see how that works.

So check out my new listings and new prices at my updated ArtFire Studio. There is always a link to it on the right column of my blog.

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