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I’m working myself out of my little mental crisis, slowly but surely. I’ve been focusing on my art for the last three days–systematically going through that list of 66+ websites I mentioned before and determining which would be a good fit for me, thinking about a new artist’s statement, looking at a grant application, painting, sketching.

I’ve found a few good blogs that are new to me, and I’d like to share them with you:

I’m looking forward to reading them. If you have a blog you love (or a blog yourself (not necessarily art related!)) drop me a line in the comments.

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4 Responses

  1. Cory Huff says:

    Hi Lesley! thanks so much for the mention. I hope that you find my site helpful.

  2. Hi Lesley,
    I am glad you found my list of 66+ sites for artists and thanks for mentioning it.
    You mention the overwhelming feeling – believe me, when I put it together, they all look the same after awhile 😉
    Hope you bookmarked it, because I am adding new ones all the time…


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