Art in Hand PDX is in the Bag!

The Art in Hand Portland Project deck is complete! We’ve been busy checking and re-checking our art and names for pre-production, and now the decks are on the way to the printer! Good things will be coming out soon, but for now you can become a fan of the Art in Hand Portland Project on Facebook!

From the info page:

Art in Hand™ began in October 2008 began in the Charlotte, NC area as an idea for a new product that would help local artists & arts non-profits, be functional and not leave too much of a footprint on this planet.

After a successful deck was released in Charlotte, Art in Hand decided to expand and realized the Portland would be a perfect location for the next deck!

The decks will be available in May 2010 and will be available at galleries throughout Portland, as well as all New Seasons Markets. Non-profits interested in selling cards as a fundraiser should contact us!

Become a fan to keep up on all the happenings with the deck, including the big auction party for the original pieces! Should be great fun. I’m really happy to be a part of it all, I’ve met some really great people.

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