Working on a New Painting – It’s Supersized!

I bought some large sheets of watercolor paper, and I decided to use the whole thing rather than divide it in half. I’ve done a few large paintings in the past (most notably the ginormous 48″x60″ Japanese¬† inspired piece I did in acrylic for my brother-in-law a few years ago), but never with gouache. I think I probably need to do something other than tape it down to the board, but I’m not sure what. If I continue to make paintings this big, I need to get some bigger brushes as well!

I’ve taken a few work in progress photos…


As I sat there one night sketching and watching t.v., my assistant Sophie attempted to help by acting as a paperweight.


I started to work on the background when I realized I’d forgotten to apply masking fluid to the space-tree-figure-thingy.


I was attempting to use a technique I’ve only been satisfied with on very small pieces – applying gouache straight out of the tube before blending that in with other colors and loads of water. I like the speckley spots and random dark patches it leaves behind. I’m really into doing things that will give me a random effect I have little control over, like what I get when I apply the wax paper to the wet paint. I’ve also been looking at a lot of cool shots like this, taken from the Hubble Space Telescope. I want my backgrounds to end up looking like that! I’ll have to work on that idea for the next painting.


Here is about where I am now, after many days and layers of color (my apologies for the poor quality photo!). I need to start working on the aforementioned space-tree-figure-thingy and then I’ll know if I need to do anything else with the background. I haven’t been able to paint for quite a few days and I feel like this is staring at me with sad puppy dog eyes. Time to get back to work. But first, lunch!

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