Art in Hand Portland Project – The Deck is in My Hand!

I turned in my newly framed Art in Hand PDX Ace of Spades painting and received a deck in return. They are so cool! The deck comes in a really nice box and all the cards just look so wonderful.

"Art in Hand" Portland Project Deck Cards "Ace of Spades" game play

I’m really excited! The artwork is all being turned in this weekend and there are so many cool things coming up, including a sneak peek art show, online auction, and group show of the whole deck during Alberta Art Hop. You can keep up with all the Art in Hand Portland Project news on the Facebook Fan Page.

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2 Responses

  1. Mama Rana says:

    Les, how did they make the cards if you all are just now turning into the art?

    It looks great, btw!!!

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