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I pulled the trigger on the Facebook Fan Page! You can “become a fan” of me at Lesley Atlansky Art on Facebook. I’ve linked this blog to the fan page wall, so anyone reading this there already knows about it…am I creating some sort of weird infinite loop?

I was hesitant about fan pages at first. I hated the name, then idea of creating something so someone can become a fan of mine. Next thing you know I’ll have a hospitality rider explicitly demanding Lunazul tequila and Fun Dips at all my art openings. On another (residual high school nightmare) level I didn’t like the idea of creating something where I can see just how many people are interested. What if I never get past 20 fans? Is that humiliating?

But I saw more and more people were doing it, and despite the name it is a really easy way to create another online profile for myself. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that are on Facebook but don’t read blogs or use an rss reader.

I read Alyson Stanfield’s posts on creating fan pages on her Art Biz Blog, as well as her follow-up post about linking your blog to your fan page. In the comments I found this amazing link to a post on Art of the Business that had two awesome videos showing how to use Networked Blogs to get your blog posts showing up on your fan page wall. This is my test post, and I’m optimistic about its success!

Wherever you keep up with me on the web… Thank You!

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